The Dirt Salon Building
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About the Dirt Salon

Created by the late Cynthia Dodd, The Dirt Salon was a social enterprise offering affordable studio space to Hartford area artists and creative enterprises, artistic venue rental, and collaborative opportunities to area artists, musicians and patrons.

The Dirt Salon was fashioned after the art salons of Europe, which were cultural gathering places, hosted by women in their homes, to encourage the sharing of cultural pursuits and to support the artistic, literary, and musical communities.

It was our hope and mission to have the Dirt Salon become a well-used haven for artistic enterprise, musical enrichment and good creative fun, always keeping in mind that the support of a community's art and culture is the foundation for a grand city.

Viva the Dirt Salon!

The Dirt Salon opened its doors in September of 2011 and continued on its mission until the passing of Cynthia Dodd in September 2018. It is our hope that the mission will be continued by the next stewards of the space.



Hartford, Connecticut


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