On view through August 31

Charles Schuster
Exobotany: Plants from Other Planets

A decades-in-the-making mixed-media project by Jakarta-based artist and Hartford Art School alumnus, Charles Schuster.

His art has been exhibited in galleries around the world including Japan, Indonesia (three times in the National Gallery of Indonesia) and New York City.

His drawings, prints, and sculptures are inspired by science, nature and religious art, especially Buddhist, Hindu and traditional Indonesian textiles like batik and ikat weaving.

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Schuster: Drawing Grid

About the Artist
Charles Schuster was born in New Jersey near New York City. He began making art and traveling when he was young, first to the Caribbean, U.K. and Europe, including a tour of the U.S.S.R. with a group of American artists, sponsored by Yale University. It was the first time that U.S. artists were allowed to travel in the former Soviet Union.

Eventually Charles would travel to more than 40 countries including making art and teaching in the Turks and Caicos Islands, China and since 1987 Indonesia.

His art has been exhibited in many places around the world including galleries on Broadway in New York City, Japan and Indonesia, including three times in the National Gallery of Indonesia and a solo exhibitions in Jakarta and Bali, and many group shows in Jakarta, Malang and Yogyakarta, including this May. His work was given a merit award by the Indonesian Heritage Society.

He loves very old and very new art and is inspired by science, nature, religious art, especially Buddhist and Hindu and traditional Indonesian textiles like batik and ikat weaving.

Charles has taught a variety of subjects including Intercultural Communication, Media Studies, Systems Thinking and Design Methodology, World Religions, Environmental Science, Color Theory, History of Western Art, History of Graphic Design, Business Communications, Academic English, Theory of Knowledge, Computer Applications, Photography, Video Production, Asian Studies, Drawing, and Ceramics.

Besides his regular teaching he currently helps teachers, government and corporate offices improve their presentation skills and hopes to rid the world of bad PowerPoint presentations.

He is active on Facebook, LinkedIn and sometimes Instagram. When not making art, teaching or traveling he reads, watches films and makes books using traditional Indonesian textiles for covers. He can be contacted at schuster78@gmail.com. Learn more at his website.

50 Bartholomew Avenue, Hartford, Connecticut 06106