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Dirt Salon Artists, Companies, and Organizers

Cynthia Dodd (1954-2018) was the visionary Founder of The Dirt Salon. Cynthia was an award-winning horticultural designer and labyrinth builder. She created Glorious Gardens, interior landscapes, and commercial holiday decor for over 35 years in the greater Hartford Area, New York, and Rhode Island. As founder of The Dirt Salon, she envisioned a collaborative space where creative people could gather, meet each other and create moments of beauty, understanding and joy.

Throughout its history, The Dirt Salon was home to a variety of artists, artisans and creative businesses.

Anne Cubberly is a well-known Hartford Artist and one of our early believers. Her studio features 24' ceilings, which offer her the perfect space to create her tall puppets and sculptures. Anne is a visual artist with more than 28 years of experience. Her work includes kinetic sculpture, artist-in-residence experiences, installations, and performance. She has exhibited steadily in solo and group exhibitions and has created performances and pageants for The Cleveland Museum of Art and The Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art. She has worked extensively with school and community groups, always with a focus on creativity, process, community, and re-purposed materials. Anne is also the creator of Night Fall.

KINETIC DREAMS, also headquartered at the Dirt Salon, is managed by Anne Cubberly and LB Muñoz. Events, projects and creativity come together for your private function, community fundraiser or corporate function.

David Borawski is one of our artistic contributors and curators. His projected-image creations have been featured at many of our events. He creates work that is a conceptually driven investigation of these ideas and their impact upon everyday life. The work is presented in installations that combine multiple individual pieces (sculpture, video, photography, painting, drawing), arranged within the prescribed space to form provocative visual and intellectual layers.

Alexia Lalande is a multimedia artist whose work is immersed in the imagery of the imagination. Fond of power tools, palette knives, unwieldy chunks of charcoal, slim sans-serif fonts, and a good old-fashioned challenge, she chooses her medium depending on the project's specific purpose and audience. Topics of choice in her work include cyclic events, environmental catastrophes, portraiture, birds, dinosaurs, and the intersection of humanity and technology.

Brent Marshall occupies the space known as "the loft" where he creates "hand-crafted, responsibly-sourced wood products that are durable and look great." His interest in design has evolved over the years during his work as a contractor. Brent hopes to bring attention to the state's capital city with well-sourced handmade goods. Lowell Marshall is named after Brent's father.

Witchhouse Tattoo has transformed Gallery 2 into an inviting and inspiring workspace and offers their well-known tattoo and piercing services. Email: for all appointments and inquiries.

Ritual Earth Tea is a Connecticut based tea company dedicated to the act of simple enjoyment and the appreciation of time. According to their website, "Currently, RET is a one woman show but is not lacking in the help, love, and support from friends, family, and the community. I design and package every single tea by hand in my cozy little slice of Parkville."


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